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day in the life

Highlighting the everyday life of a couple living well with cancer, and now a cancer widow living well on her own. Life isnt easy all the time, and there will certainly be sorrows and losses along the way. But being alive is good. It is very good.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pass it on

It wasn’t planned, but I arrived an hour and a half before my flight departed from our little puddle-jumper airport this morning. (Am I doomed to always be too early because of Hubby?)

And now I’m in Denver on lay-over and find myself at Wolfgang Puck. This is where Hubby and I always grabbed a bite to eat in our comings and goings through DIA.

He’s everywhere. Which, in some strange way, is comforting.


Chicken Caesar Salad at Wolfgang-Puck at DIA

Sarah, my young cancer widow friend, stopped by with her six-year-old son, Oliver, on Sunday. She brought a gift that had been given her. From a fellow widow. With the idea to pass it along.


Impressed with 6-year-old Oliver’s photography skills

It was a lovely poem written from the perspective of the spouse who has gone on ahead to heaven. The first stanza reads like this:

I see the countless Christmas trees

Around the world below,

With tiny lights like heaven’s stars

Reflecting the snow.

The sight is so spectacular,

Please wipe away that tear;

For I am spending Christmas

With Jesus Christ this year.

Our first Christmas apart, and here is a perspective I hadn't considered.

When I come across reminders of Hubby—which is all the time, daily, everywhere—I mostly think of him cancer-free, pain-free, unencumbered with tubes and bags.

When you add the thought of his first Christmas in heaven with Jesus, how can your heart not be glad and grateful.

I’m not assuming widowhood will be this easy for the rest of my days. But for now, en route to visit brother and sis-in-law in Florida, and then north to the munchkins in Jersey, and still being held in so much peace.

I don’t like the thought that another woman I know, with her husband beside her today, will find herself husbandless next year. But if losing loved ones is part of life, then I’m going to be the gift-bearer of the lovely framed poem.

And hopefully provide a bit of comfort.

As this lovely young widow did for me. Thank you, Sarah.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Cold beauty on the Deschutes

Thin blue skies. Temperatures soaring into the low thirties. That’s all the invitation I needed to layer up and find my hiking boots in the too-clean garage.

Hubby’s and my favorite in-town trail follows the Deschutes from Farewell Bend Park upriver for a mile and a half before it crosses the footbridge and heads back down.

It’s beyond my comprehension how the color white—a sort of non-color—can be so beautiful.

On boardwalk and ivy.


On mossy rock.


On fallen log.


On railing.


I would safely estimate that Hubby and I have walked this trail a couple hundred times through the years.

But yesterday was the first time I walked it alone.

And while it was different and I certainly missed Hubby’s companionship—we share so many miles of memories on the local trails, and in the Cascades, Tetons and Rockies—there was no sadness or depression.

It was good to be outdoors. Along the river. Beneath the impossibly tall trees. Pulling out my phone to shoot photos of beautiful white stuff.

Grateful that I was able to do something alone—something that Hubby and I did so much of together—and sorrow was nowhere in sight.

Side note: Here’s one of the things I love about Bendites. They’re generous in sharing their cold weather gear.


To the person who provided the loggers in the traffic circles near Farewell Bend Park with some protection in this freezing weather, well done.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Playing the Top Ten Game

The rules are childlike. You simply list ten things for which you are grateful. But the catch is this: the Top Ten things must have something to do with the moment.

So, last evening, for example, as I was driving home from Saturday evening service alone, in freezing temperatures and darkness, and my car started up and the heater kicked on and the roads were paved and Christmas lights were cheering along the way …


Photo credit: (not my house)

... well, there you go – four things on the list already.

This simple game keeps me focused on the good that’s happening in the moment. And there is much good in this moment if I look for it.

This from Peggy Noonan, who writes an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal:

What is life? It is the nice big thing you enter each morning when the alarm goes off and you put your feet on the cool floor and then stand, with your hands on the bottom of your back, and look out the window.

Life is made up of so many lovely, ordinary, miraculous things. Alarm clocks, being able to get out of bed, floors, feet to put on floors, windows, eyes to see out windows.

Photo credit: my friend Sarah Kamasz

My life didn’t end when Hubby took his final breath. It doesn’t start when I realize my dreams and goals. It’s here and now.

I invite you to try the Top Ten Game. Often. Every day.

Because each time you play it, you win.


Saturday, December 13, 2014

How to quit your day job

Daughter Summer recommended a book a while back by Jon Acuff entitled Quitter. Subtitle reads like this: Closing the gap between your day job and your dream job.

Its a how-to-quit-your-day-job-the-right-way book.

The first chapter is entitled, Dont Quit Your Day Job.


Hubby and I spent many hours talking about me quitting my job to pursue writing full time. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my job at St. Charles Cancer Center included great healthcare coverage. And in case you didnt know, cancer is a pretty spendy disease.

Which means there would be no quitting anytime soon. Which was fine, because I loved the rewarding work, my incredibly kind and caring co-workers, and the local cancer community I served.

And so it was with mixed emotions—elation, ecstatic-ness, astonishment, an ever-so-slightly painful tug on the heart—that I submitted my resignation this week.

Last evening was the annual Christmas dinner party hosted by our fabulous oncologists. 


Family friendly.


Also moustache friendly.



Bring your kids because Santa just might be stopping in.


A tough group to leave behind.

Before he died, Hubby and I had talked about not making any major decisions within the first six to twelve months of widowhood. Sound words.

So Im here to report that Im not selling everything and moving to Switzerland, although the Swiss Alps call to me and I am planning to scatter some of Hubbys ashes in the Alps next fall after I scatter most of them at the top of Tam MacArthur Rim in the Cascade Mountains next summer, and heres what two of the Three Sisters in the nearby Cascades look like from downtown Drake Park this morning.


But I digress.

Ive decided to pursue the vision Hubby and I had together. (More about that in future blogs.)

No rash decision. Something thats been brewing for a long time, one which Hubby encouraged.

With family members detailing options that make it doable for me to take an early retirement, how can I not run with this opportunity to pursue the vision full time?

So, tightening my belt to stay within a leaner budget.

Rolling up my sleeves and working in the direction of my goals.

Watching expectantly to see what God will unfold for me.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

Unexpected. Lovely. Inspiring.

OK. One final blog about gift-giving. More creativity left on my front porch. (What is it with people and my porch?)

Delicious, nutritious, homemade, mouth-watering chicken vegetable soup. Candy canes in the shape of a heart fastened to the top of the soup jar.


Red Poinsettia. Organic Dark Chocolate Truffle bar.


Hand-crafted beaded necklace, star-crossed in a circle of green.


And because Ive had popcorn the past two nights for dinner—were talking real popcorn popped in olive oil and drizzled with butter—Sam and Leannes homemade soup was a nice change.

Its not that there isnt food in the house; its simply that I can get away with popcorn for dinner because theres no one here to say, You should probably eat something a little more dinner-ish.

One of the benefits of living singly.

Heres another benefit: you can dump any leftover soup in your bowl back into the pot. Because youre the only one in the house with whom you are sharing germs.

Too much information?


I havent lost many close family members or friends to death. Ive not been around houses of mourning.

And so you can imagine my amazement at the creative gift-giving that has come my way.

Unexpected. Lovely. Inspiring. It has forever changed how I will give gifts during times of sickness and loss.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Angels of mercy, male version

This blog tags right onto the last one. About gift-giving.

Our bathroom toilet clogged up the day Hubby went back into Hospice House. I sent a quick electronic plea.

Tom and his lovely wife, Fran, showed up, armed with all sorts of unclogging gadgets. (He probably never figured he’d be contacted for toilet duty when he said, “Let me know if I can help.”)



Picture Tom here


(I didnt actually snap a photo

since I didnt think Tom would appreciate

the image of him leaning over our toilet

posted to the World Wide Web.)




And then last week as I was revving up into de-clutter mode, a friend, Gary, said innocently enough, “Let me know if you need help with anything.”

I pounced. Well, since you mentioned it …

De-cluttering the garage. Because I’m pretty sure I won’t be using the chain saw. Or the pipe wrench. Or all the PVC pipe. And someone ought to be putting these things to good use.

Carolyn was gracious enough to loan out Gary, but as the official inspector after the job was completed, she carried a clip board, whistle and tape measure. And a big stick.

(Isnt there a saying, something like, Walk softly and carry a big stick? That would be Carolyn.)


Gary wondered why Carolyn got to be in the photo since he was the

one who did all the work. Well thats easy: Its because we all

know whos really in charge.

What I think I’ve learned in all this is what Daughter Summer has been lecturing me about saying. People really do want to feel useful.

Women are so good at the nurturing, meal-making, flower-delivering, Chai-tea-delivering, house-cleaning show of love.

And men tend to operate in fix-it mode. Which is also a good thing. Who says *angels of mercy* only come in the female version?

Side note: We have a beautiful, old door propped on our front porch.

After unclogging our toilet, Plumber Tom said, “Hey, do you want me to fix this old screen door?”


Now that’s where I draw the line.

The mesh may be torn, but don’t be messing with my repurposed-into-front-porch-art screen door. 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Gifting creatively

I order a wreath from her every year, but I had decided against it this year. An unnecessary extravagance.

And then, this. On my front porch today.


I recognized immediately the handiwork of the Wreath Fairy before even reading her note. Julie. Owner of Desert Dream Gardens.

And this set of beautiful bracelets as gift. From Karen. Which I plan to wear every day for the rest of my life. Half my heart is in heaven.


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this incredible experience of caring for Hubby, of planning a service, planning a new life, it’s this:

There are a hundred and one ways to say, I’m thinking about you. I can’t imagine what you’re experiencing, but here’s something to bring you sustenance, make you smile, help defray funeral expenses; here’s something to add beauty to your life, your home.

People are amazing. And as many amazing people as there are in my life, there are that many ways they have gifted. Creatively. Extravagantly.

Hubby and I have said that cancer was a gift to us ... and certainly not one we would re-gift, but still. So much good has come of this horrible disease, so many incredible people we would not have otherwise known.



Monday, December 8, 2014

Hubby may have been right

A couple years ago, Hubby and I decluttered our garage, which nearly landed us in marriage counseling.

I questioned his wanting to keep a tin of rusted and bent nails, screws, washers; he threatened to toss the boxes of Christmas decorations if I so much as touched his tin.


You never know when you might need one, he said.

But wouldn’t you want non-rusted ones? And couldn’t you just go buy one or two as needed? Why keep a full tin of rusted stuff taking up space on the garage shelves?

You see my logic over his, right?

The other day I wanted to hang the letters the grandkidlets wrote to their grandpa while he was still with us.


Words of love and humor from the three munchkins who adored him, and whom he loved dearly.


You know where this story is going, right? Yep. I needed larger nails than what I keep in the house with my girlie tools.


And so I found myself digging through Hubby’s tin of rusted nails and bolts and ’S’ hooks. You just never know when you might need one. Or two.


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas trees

If you’ll remember back a few weeks, Daughter Summer and three of her angel friends cleaned our place, set up the Christmas tree and rearranged the living room furniture. All rather secretively, and while Hubby and I were resting at Hospice House.

Not sure if you knew this: they had so much fun rearranging, that our dining table ended up in the middle of the living room. In front of the fireplace. Where it has been used more frequently than when it was pushed against the dining area wall.

Because who can resist sitting near the fire with a steaming mug of tea or coffee?


And then Daughter Summer showed me a photo posted to Facebook. Of a most unusual Christmas tree. That hardly takes up any room. That can be left up year-round.

I sent the photo to a friend, who is handy with tools and lives on property with plenty of fallen tree branches following a recent snow storm. (All tree branches were buried in a foot of snow. Small detail.)

This friend recruited another wood-working friend, and together, with the artistic lead of wife Carolyn, they built this beautiful piece of wall art out of white branches.

Which I plan to decorate at each holiday and with each change in season.


Gary, Carolyn and Al – what you created is even more beautiful than the original photo. You are amazing.

Meanwhile, since the Christmas Tree Decorating Fairies had gone to so much trouble, there was nothing to do but plant the tree smack dab in the middle of the hall where it interferes rather nicely with the flow of traffic.


I think another reason I couldn’t take the fake tree down is because it was assembled on Hubby’s last day on earth.

Little did Summer know that when she met the Housecleaning/ Tree Decorating Fairies in the morning, she and I would be coming home from Hospice House that evening. For good. Without her dad, without my husband.

I have determined that cancer will not ruin this most favorite time of year, which begins with early autumn colors and runs through first snow, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas trees and lights and music.

This will always be a sweetly remembered time of Hubby living life clear up until he took his final breath.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Something patchworked together

The washing machine is humming and Hubby’s side of the closet is looking bare.

Declutter is my middle name. And while Im not necessarily eager to get rid of Hubbys things, there are men at Shepherds House who could use warm jackets and thick gloves and oversized flannel pajama bottoms this time of year.

Oversized because Hubbys legs and hips and abdomen had swollen with edema during his last weeks.

When Daughter Summer—you remember our Personal Pajama Shopper, right?—came home with size XXL, Hubby looked at me and said with a straight face, Your next husband will have to be extra-extra-large.


Size XXL pajama bottoms

I came across this tee hanging on Hubbys side of the closet. A gift from Daughter Summer a few years back.

If you were never a geeky computer programmer in the 70s and 80s, you might not get the humor about the two binary digits, 0 and 1.

But Hubby got it. And wore his tee with geeky pride.


And so a trip to Shepherds House yesterday with a drop-off at Salvation Army today.

These shirts of Hubbys are keepers, though. I smell a lap quilt. Or a quilted table topper. Or something patchworked together as a sweet reminder.


You know that old saying, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade”?

How about this: “When life hands you a closet full of clothes that were once worn by the most wonderful man in the world, make quilts because that most wonderful man in the world is no longer here to stop you from cutting up his clothes.”

Too wordy to become a well-worn old saying? Ill work on it.

Side note: Speaking of Shepherds House, when I stopped by yesterday, one of the men had something for me. It was a framed copy of a photo I took of Hubby with his Shepherds House friends two years ago. In the cold. Short-sleeved toughness. At the top of Tumalo Mountain.


Note the handsome man standing second from right - Hubby

Hubby loved volunteering with these guys.


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Instructions for widowhood

Update bank accounts. Complete Employee Enrollment Form to change benefits. Remove Hubby’s phone from the cell phone account. Fill out the Death Benefits Claim Form to satisfy the insurance company. Vehicle title changes.

I spent more than an hour at DMV today waiting for Number 217 to be called. And since you can’t break into the numbered order to ask the expert behind the counter which form you need for updating ownership, you’re left to your own common sense.

The Application for Replacement Title from the Forms area reads: “If there are ANY changes in ownership (note the DMV usage of capital letters for emphasis) you must complete an Application for Title and Registration Form 735-226 in addition to this form.”

Pretty clear, right? And so I dutifully complete the Application for Replacement Title and the Application for Title and Registration Form 735-226. Twice. Two long forms for each vehicle.

Turns out, all I need to complete is the Inheritance Affidavit, which was conveniently located behind the counter.

Oh, and bring it back with the titles of both vehicles, the initial funders having signed off. Which means I look forward to another lovely afternoon at DMV.


That does it. I’m leaving Hubby’s name on the Amazon account, airline miles accounts, utilities and garbage bills, Netflix.

If there is no such book entitled Widowhood for Dummies, there ought to be.


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Waiting to see what unfolds

On my own for the first time in days, weeks. Maybe even years.

The last of family left this morning. But not until we shared meals together.


Love it when the guy wearing the “O” is in the kitchen

And not until snowballs were thrown.


And not until the troops got in some good old fashioned rough-housing. (I’m not sure who invented the term rough-housing, unless it was my mother: “No rough-housing in here, you kids!”)


You noticed that it took two boys to take down one girl, right?

And not until story time and art lessons at B&N.


And not until multiple puzzles were assembled.


Not until so much fun and so many conversations were had, not until so much food was consumed, not until memories were remembered, did the last of the troops leave town.

Blessed time together.


And now, today. On my own. Today, a dent in the pile of thank-you notes that need to be written. Grocery shopping. Hubby’s urn from the funeral home. Today, laundry and housecleaning, and this from Ann Voskamp’s book One Thousand Gifts:

How does it save the world to reject unabashed joy when it is joy that saves us? Rejecting joy to stand in solidarity with the suffering doesn’t help the suffering. The converse does.

The brave who focus on all things good and all things beautiful and all things true, even in the small, who give thanks for it and discover joy even in the here and now, they are the change agents who bring fullest Light to all the world.

I want to be a change agent. Full of unabashed joy. Not afraid to take risks. Always counting blessings.

I don’t want to live in the status quo for a widow of a certain age. I don’t want to sit and watch “Gilmore Girls” reruns—as cute as the Gilmore Girls are—or “Magnum PI” reruns—as cute as Tom Selleck is.

I don’t want to sign up for Saturday night bingo, or get a yappy dog, or take up knitting—no, wait … too late for that.

God has imprinted on my heart a visionary idea, and I want to be a change agent in my corner of the world. 

Waiting to see what unfolds.


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