Hello – my name is Marlys Johnson. I’m an author, speaker and blogger. I have a deep affection for words, and am a ridiculously obsessive list-maker. I’ve been known to complete a task and add it to my list just so I can check it off. I know. Pathetic.

I’m a cancer widow. Married to the same wonderful man until November 2014. We fought the good fight together for several years longer than he was supposed to live.


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October 2014 – just six weeks before Hubby died


We changed our eating habits; took up hiking tall mountains and snow-shoeing powdery trails; and began sharing our story in cancer centers, to classes of college and nursing students, and at medical conferences across the country.

I published a book of short stories of cancer heroes – Cancer Adventures: Turning loss into triumph – with the intent of inspiring others to look for purpose and meaning.

Cancer is not something we would ever wish on anyone. But through the cancer years, Gary and I developed a more profound understanding of what we had. An unspoken commitment not to take this marriage for granted. Improved listening and talking with our hearts wide open.

We established a standing Friday date night; kissed more slowly; took more road trips and made more fun. Which means we wrote a better love story. Thank you, cancer.

I am passionate about stirring up courage in others to live gratefully in the present and to dust off dreams, roll up sleeves and work in the direction of those dreams.

About Me

Hello, my name is Marlys Johnson. I’m a cancer widow, author, speaker and blogger. I love getting outdoors; would rather lace up hiking boots than go shopping. I have a passion for repurposing old junk into cool new stuff. And an even greater passion for showing people how to navigate life's challenges. Tenaciously. And with heart wide open.

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